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About Us

Drawing upon a distinguished educational  background and 40 years combined experience in the financial services industry, Lee Spielman, Bart Lewis, and Karen Chancy provide prudent investment advise designed with a goal of preserving, increasing and ultimately transferring family wealth.  By providing disciplined investment management and a positive client experience, they aim to partner with their clients for decades, helping multiple family generations in their pursuit for financial security.  They believe that avoiding large losses is one of the most important keys to long-term wealth creation and preservation.  Their investment approach is flexible and is integrated with each client's unique financial circumstances.  Because they focus on investing for clients' goals rather than targeting an arbitrary market index, they strive to take the least amount of risk necessary to achieve the desired results.  Services feature a wide range of financial planning and asset preservation strategies, including investment management, trust and estate planning, and strategies for concentrated equity positions and real estate holdings.